Call at 14546 to Link Aadhar card to mobile number online (OTP Method)

Call at 14546 to Link Aadhar card to mobile number online (OTP Method) : Dear readers, you will well aware about new Government’s rule regarding mandatory linking of your Aadhar card number with your Mobile Number. All telecom companies are instructed their customers for deadline in this regard. For convenience of their users a new online E-verification system has been come into effect from 1st December 2017. This is known as OTP 14546 IVRS Method. If you have not linked yet your Aadhar card number with your mobile number, than no need to worry. You can simply verify your mobile number online using electronically generated one time password. Here I have drafted procedure to link your mobile number with Aadhaar Number.

Call at 14546 to Link Aadhar card to mobile number online (OTP Method)

You all might have received various reminders for linking your Aadhar with mobile number from your telephone operator company. All the companies whether it is Tata telecom, Vodaphone, Airtel, Reliance Telecom or else all these have already intimated their customers to link their Aadhar  card number with Mobile number. To keep active your mobile number, verify it using simple technique as below mentioned.


Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number by calling at 14546 :

  • Firstly, call at 14546 from your number which you want to verify.
  • After that select language of your choice.
  • Press 1 for Indian Residence and again press 1 to continue to proceed ahead.
  • Now enter 12 Digit Aadhar Card Number which you want to Link.
  • Once verification process gets completed, then your telecom operator will request Government portal to send OTP to you.
  • The Govt. Aadhaar Portal ( UIDAI) will then send OTP to your mobile number.
  • You now only need to enter this OTP manually.
  • Great !! You have completed process to link your Aadhar card number with mobile number without much effort.



Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Which is the last date to link aadhar with SIM card  or mobile number?

You can link your aadhar card with your number till February 2018.

2) Is it mandatory to link aadhar with SIM card?

Yes obviously. It is undeniable.

3) Is there any fees for it?

No, there are no any hidden charges. It is completely free.

4) Can I link aadhaar card to the mobile number online without visiting retailer’s shop?

Yes, now this facility is available from 1st December 2017.

5) Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Yes, you can link to multiple SIM cards. However, there is limit of maximum 5 connections per user.


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